It’s already Holiday Time!

With the holidays in full swing I thought I would share an easy-to-make cake that can pull double duty as a delicious food gift.

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Food gifts are the best gifts, right? Okay, well–at least to a foodie. If you know one or you are one, then bookmark this Vanilla Rum Cake or for another version try a Spiced Rum Cake.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that it was only a few years ago that I was introduced to rum cake by a co-worker. I seriously love(d) this cake. And since I never could get the recipe from her, I have been on the hunt for one similar every since. So after four years and a dozen or more recipes, I’ve finally found my rum cake recipe. Get the recipe here.


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A few notes:

  • I flipped the recipe from a 10 cup bundt pan to mini bundt cakes (yields 6-8 minis). If you do the same, start checking for doness at 2o minutes.
  • I kicked up the rum from 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup to boost the booziness.
  • If you don’t have vanilla beans on hand, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste will work just as well.
  • I also added a glaze from this recipe to these mini bundt cakes.


Naomi Robinson

Chocolate Rum Truffles

Written  by


I’m a firm believer that the holidays are a time for enjoying family, friends and yearly traditions. They most certainly are not meant to be marked by sale dates or panicked moments of trying to find a parking spot to only be greeted by an overcrowded mall.


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Truthfully, I’m not a huge shopper, period. I don’t navigate well through crowds, so Amazon Prime is always one of my best yearly investments. I can easily shop by “clicks” while waiting between cookie sheets or while I wait for truffles like this Chocolate Rum Truffle to set.

You want to know what I love best about truffles? I like their simplicity, their elegance, their ease of preparation and delivery. I know cookie swaps are traditional and popular, but I’d like to lobby for the start of something new—truffle swaps.



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Since they are so easy to make, establish your base then go crazy by mixing and matching flavors with spirits or liqueurs. For this truffle I used rum, but if rum is not your thing, try bourbon, scotch or go fruity with cassis, or step up the chocolate flavor with some Godiva liqueur.

Want it non-alcoholic? No problem, just leave it out all together. But say you have kitchen hands like I do-which means you like finishing touches. By that I mean embellish: you can dip, roll, pipe or cover your truffle in crushed nuts, crushed cookies, crush candy—there are so many options, so have fun.  It’s almost impossible to ruin a truffle.


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For this holiday season, I had fun with some edible gold glitter as a finishing touch. Talk about easy elegance—these truffles can proudly stand on their own as the star of any holiday dessert table.

The best thing about these dressy truffles they will save me a trip to the mall as I will also be packaging these up for holiday gifts. Now all I have to do is convince my friends to trade out this year’s cookie swap for a truffle swap. Get the full recipe here.

*The edible gold glitter is from CK products found here and the gold liners are Wilton’s candy cups found here .*

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