From Silver Wirework Tutorials to Fabric Necklace How-Tos

Below is a collection of the most useful, interesting, simple, prettiest and most unique jewelry making tutorials from all over the web!
There are how-tos using fabric, wire, pearl, gemstones, metal, beads and many other materials, and these incorporate a variety of interesting techniques.It doesn’t matter if you are a jewelry making beginner, or are more advanced, there are instructions and projects for every level. There are instructions for t-shirt fabric necklaces, a choice of wire clasps, ribbon pendants, bib necklaces and plenty more!

Hope you find this lens fun and useful :-)

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Long Fabric Necklace



Jewelry Making Techniques

Beading Techniques and Tutorials
A range of bead jewellery and technique projects.
Engraved Acrylic Technique
To use for rings and pendants.
“S” Clasp
Simple “S” clasp for closing necklaces.
How to make wire earring hooks.
Fancy Clasp
Fancy wire-wrapped loop clasp for necklaces.
Wire Wrapping
Lots of different techniques of wire wrapping.
Cage Pendant
Lovely wire cage for necklaces and earrings.
Working With Sheet Metal
All the steps of cutting sheet metal, with photos.
How to Use Liver of Sulphur
To oxidise silver, copper and brass.
Using a Tumbler
To polish metal jewellery.
Good tutorial on soldering jewellery.
Wire Wrap a Faceted Pendant
With a very fancy technique.
Using Wire Guards
To protect the wire at the ends of a beaded necklace.
Rustic Spiral Clasps
Lovely wire clasps with a ‘messy’ style spiral.


Geometric Triangle Necklace





More Techniques Used in Jewelry Making

Bezel Setting
Make your own bezel set ring.
Wire Weaving
Scroll to the bottom for free tutorials.
Memory Wire
Using memory wire to make a bracelet.
Stamping Metal
How to stamp letters onto metal.
Wire Cages
Spiral cages for housing round beads.
Making Wire Findings
Including “S” clasps.
Using Resin
To make coloured gems.
Cutting Sheet Metal Shapes
Detailed video tutorial for making ornate shapes.
Beaded Jewellery Instructables
Large range of tutorials on jewellery.
How to Finish Off a Beaded Necklace.
How to secure the ends.
How to Crochet Wire
To make fine and delicate jewellery pieces.
Drilling Beach Pebbles
How to drill neatly through small bach stones.


Wire Wrapped Briolettes



Fabric and Mixed Media Jewelry 1


Please bear in mind that the jewellery made using all of these tutorials are for personal, not commercial use. Thanks :-)
Vintage Lace Necklace
Using a pre-made lace shape.
Button Earrings
Cute studs made from plastic buttons.
Fabric Flower Earrings
Sweet fabric and bead studs.
Woven Ribbon Pendant
Pendant made by weaving ribbons together.
Origami Heart Earrings
Learn to fold paper hearts.
Flower Ruffle Collar
Romantic style fabric necklace.
Faux Pearl Necklace
Made from corn starch, salt and water.
Leather Chain Necklace
With individual links made from leather pieces.
Ribbon & Pearl Necklace
Black ribbon and fake pearls make a great necklace.
Recycled Tights Necklace
Funky necklace made from tights and stockings.
Pebble Necklace
Cool surf style necklace of braided fabric with a pebble pendant.
Faux Agate Slices
These would make pretty pendants.
Paper Bead Pyramid Earrings
I love the statement design of this easy earrings.




Jewelry Making Video Instructions


Wrapped Loop
by ArtbeadsVideos | video info


75 ratings | 85,527 views



The wrapped loop is a staple of wire working. It is useful to finish earrings, make links for a chain, or dangle a pendant from a necklace. With this handy tip video, we’ll show you the simple techniques used in creating a wrapped loop.. Shop our Selection of head pins and eye pins:
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Linked Locket Necklace



Fabric and Mixed Media Jewelry 2

Paper Beads Necklace
Gorgeous beads made from paper.
Doily Heart Necklaces
To be split between best friends.
Make Your Own Lava Rock
Using polymer clay and salt.
Recycled Newspaper Beads
Really pretty handmade beads.
T-Shirt Necklaces
Fun layered necklaces made from t-shirts. One of my favourites.
Resin Pendants
Learn how to make resin pendants with paper images embedded inside.
Brad Necklace
Using fabric covered brads.
Satin Cord Knotting
Good for use with pendants.
Beautiful Projects
Basic techniques plus unique and funky bracelets and necklaces.
Adjustable Knot
Used to make a cord necklace adjustable in length.
Rolled Paper Beads
Or you could use fabric.
Embellishing Hoop Earrings
By adding knots, trims or crochet.
Geometric Clay Pendant
Stylish faceted clay gem on a chain.
Jump Ring Necklace
Very simple necklace using everyday craft materials.


Ribbon & Pearl Earrings



Jewel Bib Necklace



Fabric and Mixed Media Jewelry 3

Beaded Necklace
In exotic colours.
Decal Penny Pendant
Using glaze and a coin.
Collaged Crystals
Would make fab pendants.
Braided Fabric Necklace
With a gorgeous colour combination.
Photo Jewellery
Using shrink plastic.
Cork Silhouette Necklaces
Fun and whimsical pendants.
Stacked Disc Necklace
Using discs created by crochet.
Wrapped Rope Necklace
Funky & tribal layered necklaces.
Precious Metal Clay Pendant
Silver PMC rubber-stamped necklace.
Organic Jewellery
Made from painted melon seeds.
Woven Chain Bracelet
Embroidery thread woven onto metal chain.
Hex Nut Bracelet
Hardware braided onto white rope.
Walnut Heart Necklace
A pendant made from a real walnut.
Enameled Keys
Simply paint skeleton keys with nail polish for this fun necklace.


Elegant Wire Hoop Earrings



Fabric and Mixed Media Jewelry 4

Geometric Button Studs
Use felt-tips to design your own geometric post earrings.
Clay Strawberry Necklace
Designer-style gold and turquoise charm.
Vintage Hankie Bracelets
Floaty and feminine bracelets made by braiding hankies with chain.
Upgraded Pasta Necklace
Pasta pieces are made into cool fashion jewellery with paint and fabric.
M&Ms Clay Charms
Make realistic little sweet charms using clay.


Recycled T-Shirt Bracelet


Photo and bracelet by KimberCrafts.

Find the instructions for creating a 6-strand braid here.


More Mixed Media Jewellery

Potentilla Bib
Lovely fabric flower necklace.
Gilded Acorn
Autumn themed necklace.
Vintage Flower Necklace
My own tutorial using Fimo clay.
Rope Necklace
Chunky layered design.
Flag Bunting Necklace
Anthropologie inspired design.
Cross Stitch Pendant
Pretty necklace with a geometric design.
Clay Bangles
With floral stamped patterns on the clay.
Shrinky Dinks Necklace
Sewing mini plastic shapes together.
Holiday Sparkle Earrings
Recycling tinsel into fun jewelry.
Shrinky Dink Jewelry
Turn computer images into adorable plastic charms.
Vacation Earrings
Using metal leaves and glass dangle flowers.
Flamingo Toes Tutorials
Lots of how-tos for pretty fashion necklaces.
Ombre Bead Necklace
Gorgeous wirelace necklace with a colour gradient.


Leather & Lace Bangles



Creative Jewelry You Can Make Yourself

Embroidered Cabochon Tutorial
Gorgeous pendant created with embroidery stitches and pretty beads.
Layered Fabric Necklaces
A trio of braided necklaces of different lengths.
Clay Bead Bracelets
Make your own clay beads to add to a braided bracelet.
Thread Wrapped Necklace
Made by wrapping around wire and embroidery thread.
DIY Braided Clay Bracelet
Strands of clay are braided to make these gorgeous bracelets.
Lanyard Double Chain Bracelet
Mix plastic strands with traditional chains.
DIY Twig Necklace
Have a look at the rest of this website too.
Geometric Shrinky Plastic
Create black and white geometric plastic shapes for a cool necklace.
Vintage Butterfly Necklace
Beautiful and feminine design which even beginners can make.
Geometric Clay Pendant
Cool triangle necklace pendant made from clay.
Painted Leather Diamond
DIY geometric pendant made of leather.
Canvas Feathers
Beautiful feathers pendant made by using your artistic skill on canvas.
Raw Crystal Necklace
How to create a stunning necklace from natural amethyst crystals.
Colourful Wood Bead Necklace
Fun summer necklace DIY with painted beads.


Leather Chain Necklace



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Studded Flowers



Beading & Stringing Tutorials

Stringing Beads
To make a professional beaded necklace.
Beaded Coral Earrings
Using seed beads.
Simple Beaded Earrings
A nice start to making your own wire earrings.
Mod Earrings
With video how-to.
Beading Tutorials
Lots of basic jewellery making tutorials, plus projects.
Woven Helix Bracelet
Using African helix stitches with seed beads.
Collection of Jewellery Videos
Large range of projects and techniques.
Beautiful Beaded Bib Necklace
With fabulous embroidery, beads and gems.
Tassel Earrings
With beaded string drops.
Knotting Pearls
An essential skill.
Peyote Stitching
A classic seed bead stitch.
Beaded Fringe
Diagrams showing you how to thread a fringe.
Braided Bead Necklace
One of my favourites.
How to Knot Pearls
In a professional way.
Beaded Beads
String beads together to make a large bobbly bead.
Ombre Bead Necklace
Layers of seed beads in different shades of the same colour.
Chevron Beaded Pendant
Hang headpins of seed beads in a cute chevron pattern.


Funky Spike Ring



Bracelets, Bangles, Brooches and Rings

Wire and Pearl Cuff
Made by knitting wire.
Rose Cuff
Bracelet with fabric roses all over.
Fun Resin Bracelet
Link bracelet with embedded images.
Wire Ring
How to make a wire wrapped ring.
Wired Heart Brooch
With an arrow brooch pin.
Cool Wave Ring
Using sheet metal.
Leather Braiding
Braiding 3-strand leather – good for bracelets/cuffs.
Woven Bracelet
Made by weaving paracord.
Crochet Wire Bracelet
With added beads.
Loop Braiding Technique
Useful technique for bracelets – especially men’s.
Unique and Fashionable Projects
Basic techniques plus unique and funky bracelets and necklaces.
Casting Resin Rings
Using a mould system.
Decoupage Bangles
Adding layers of paper to plain bangles.
Faux Wood Bracelet
Embroidered wrist cuff.
Buckle Cuff
Made from a belt.
Knitted Bangles
How to add a knitted layer to bangles.
Lucky Charm Bracelet
Using Shrinky Dinks.
Trim Bracelets
Fun fabric bracelets.
Polymer Clay Ring/Brooch
Using plaster to create the pattern.
Copper Wire Ring
An easy starter project.
Belt Bracelet
Cuff style bracelet.
Embroidered Linen Rings
Comfy rings made from fabric scraps and thread.
Satin Flower Rings
Circle satin layers with beads in the centre.
DIY Flossy Bangle
Stylish and fashionable woven thread revamp.
DIY Wrap Bracelet
Funky and intricate designs which can be recreated by anyone.
Leather Friendship Bracelets
Wrap leather cord with embroidery thread for some boho chic.


Wirework Necklaces & Earrings

Pretty Briolette Earrings
With wire wrapped gemstones.
Wire, Bead and Gemstone Projects
Collection of beading tutorials.
Bird’s Nest Earrings
Using wire and pearls.
Wire Jewellery Tutorials
Instructions for wire jewellery projects.
Wire Heart
Pretty pendant with beads.
Tree of Life Pendant
Pretty wire pendant design.
Wire Jewellery Videos
Large range of projects and techniques.
Wire Gauge Guide
How to choose the correct gauge of wire to use.
What You Need For Wire Wrapping
Including tools and wire.
Wire Writing
How to write ‘mom’ in wire for a lovely gift.
Butterfly Bracelet
Learn how to make butterfly wire shapes and connect them together.
Wire Wrapped Arc Pendant
Really pretty and subtle beaded necklace.
Oxidized Brass Earrings
Use liver of sulfur for the antique effect.
Hammered Wire Hoops
Pretty dangly hoop earrings with hammered wire charms.
Sheet Metal Trapezoid Necklace
One of my favourite DIYs – this necklace is very impressive looking.
Chevron & Coral Earrings
Really pretty drop earrings with a bead cluster and chevron shapes.


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Watercolor Petal Necklace



Long Tassell Earrings


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